Welcome to The Scarecrow ink Artists page. Take time to look through our portfolios
and see which artist best suits the tattoo you are interested in getting. As we are a custom
shop we do consult appointments before booking in for the tattoo this way we can take
the time in making your dream tattoo a reality.

When you are ready to book in shoot us a message at scarecrowinktattoo@gmail.com or through the booking appointment option on
this page . Once we get your message we will get back to you as soon as we can and get
you booked in for a consultation appointment. At the consult, you and the artist will go oversize, details, and placement and get an idea of design and cost. After the consultation is done we
take a look in the books grab a deposit and get you in for the soonest date.

Prices will vary
between each artist and will also depend on the style, placement, and size of the tattoo(artists are
140$-180$ and hour and our shop minimum is 100$-120$).If you have any other
questions feel free to shoot us a message we look forward to hearing from you

Our Local Tattoo Artists

Scott Weatherman

Brooke Goodwin

Derek Royal

Cody Wilkins

Dennis Noahbody

Sarah Moon


Randy Stratton

What its like tattooing with us