Scarecrow Jewelery

Here at Scarecrow Ink we use internally threaded and threadless high polish implant grade titanium (TI-6AL -4VELI ASTM F136 ) as well as 14k\24k yellow, white, and rose gold for the safest piercing experience.

We also carry a wide variety of other jewelry types including brass, wood, horn, and hand-blown glass. If you can not find it in the shop we can also order you anything your heart desires.

Scarecrow Aftercare

Our Artists suggest these products, they can be picked up in-store. Please leave a detailed request and we will get back to you shortly.

H2o Aftercare-

Since 2001, H2Ocean has been the world leader in tattoo and body piercing aftercare. H2Ocean’s ointment-based and water-based products heal your new tattoo or body piercing faster because we use unrefined mineral-enriched sea salt hand-harvested from the world’s most diverse ecosystem – the Red Sea.


We’re a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to creating high-quality products that artists and customers alike can rely on. We’ve sourced the best natural ingredients to deliver optimal results before and after painful procedures. We are proud to introduce you to our Health Canada- and FDA- approved solutions.   

Isotonic, drug-free, preservative-free, no burning or stinging. Sterile saline solution that cleanses minor wounds and scrapes without any burning or stinging. Sprays in any position, including when inverted.