Ear Lobes below the age of 12 are booked in the morning before the shop opens. We then bring you and your child in and do a consultation on how the procedure is done and how it’s their choice and responsibility to get piercing and take care of them. If they are ready to go after consultation we go look at jewelry selection and proceed with piercing. This way in this controlled environment we are opening up just for you and your child in a non-stress-free environment.Music or cartoons of your choice as well as options to numb ears as well.

Feel free to message for further details or bookings.

All prices are for piercing services only not including the cost of jewelry. Please contact us for the cost of jewelry or check out the merch section for a full list of high-quality jewelry manufacturers we carry here in the shop.

Lobes-35$ for one two for 55$ (starting age 4-5 )

Helix 50$(starting age 13+)
Rook 60$(starting age 14+)
Daith 60$(starting age 14+)
Conch 60$(Starting age 14+
Forward Helix 60$(starting age 14+)
Tragus 60$(starting age 14+)
Industrial 60$(starting age 14+)
Snug 60$(starting age 14 +)
Nostril 50$(starting age 12+)
Septum 60$(starting age 14+)
Eyebrow 60$(starting afe14+)
Navel 60$ (Starting age 14+)
Sterile service jewelry change etc (15$)
Tongue 60$(starting age 14+)
Lip 60$(starting age 14+)
Monroe 60$(starting age 14+)
Philtrum 60$(starting age 14+)
Vertical Lip 60$(starting age 14+)
labret 60$ (starting age 14+)
Smiley 60$(starting age 16+)
Microdermal 100$(starting age 18+)
Surface Piercing 70$(starting age 18+)
Nipple-60$ or 2 for 100$(starting age 18+)
Adult-100$(starting at 18+)
Ashley-70$(starting at 16+)
Bridge-70$(starting at 18+)
(Piercing service prices only do not include the cost of jewelry)
All starting ages are listed above.
The following piercings can be signed for at the age of 16+ with government-issued picture ID(Lobes,Helix,Rook,Daith,Conch,tragus,nostril,septum,navel,eyebrow,lip,Monroe,Labret)
All other piercings legal guardians must be present if not 18+.Legal Guardian must present their government-issued picture ID as well as a one piece of the following for their child-teen (passport, birth certificate, care card, or status card)
For all other questions on piercing services please don’t hesitate to shop us a message.